Full Time Daycare

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Super Kids Daycare, a licensed family home daycare for children ages 1-5 years old .We provide an environment that is safe and fosters trust. We believe that when children are in an environment that encourages caring and cooperative relationships, they learn sensitivity in their interactions with others. Schedules, routines and transitions serve as a framework which children gain trust, security and order. 

While these can be flexible to some degree, they must provide children with clear guidelines about what is expected. We strive to provide a balance of activities that helps the children to progress in their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We will also be working in close partnership with parents to address their children’s difficulties at home and at the program.

Our facility is a fully-renovated bright space that has been specially designed for children. It features  bright rooms ,child-sized washrooms, a child-sized sink, custom-built cubbies, brand new furniture and a fresh paint job. The facility provides opportunities for children to make their thinking visible and then foster further learning and engagement. We love our space, and we’re sure you and your little ones will too! Call us  for more information and details on our highly-reasonable rates.